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Dutch Foundations, Global Operations.


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Event Organisation

Our events focus on our clients’ business promotion and building their connections through trade missions, seminars and business conferences both across China and Europe.

Think Tank

With the close connection of European, Latin American and Chinese governmental leaders, our organization is kept abreast of key investment opportunities and decision-making in growing sectors and markets.


Aided by our huge network and market knowledge, we provide consultancy in a wide range of areas to help our clients business thrive in their target markets.

Full Chain Services

We aide our clients’ successful business development every step of the way: pre-landing, landing and post-landing.

/Our Story

Our Story

Our founder and director Maja Sun has a long history in bridging European and
Chinese business. For over 20 years she founded and helped over 20 companies
in China and Europe to develop. This has resulted in the initiation of CBCE in
2015 together with the firm Winkelman and van Hessen, which repeatedly won
the award for best marketing and communication Company in The Netherlands.

Throughout the years, Maja Sun has established a huge governmental and
business network. The close connections with over 30 senior political leaders
significantly open doors for the target markets of our clients. Paired with our
close partnership with Tojoy, the biggest business accelerator in China, we ensure
fast increase of our clients’ international revenue.

Would you like to know more? Read the cover story of China’s Foreign Trade
2018 no.2 here.

/Our Mission


Results-driven = our events are not only focused on introducing our clients to
the influential people in their target market, but they also have the vision in
mind of growing your business and truly developing your organizational
goals. We are driven by what makes our clients drive.

Proactive = where others may see obstacles, we see opportunity and through
our experience and knowledge, we see market opportunities and openings
from which our clients can truly benefit.

Originality = we focus on producing business events or business development
strategies with a difference, if we are truly to expand the premise of business
without frontiers this requires an original focus and a team dedicated to using
cultural differences to our advantage.


China Business Center Europe’s goal is to ensure that the enormous opportunity that lies within cooperation between China and Europe reaches its full potential.


Our vision is to be the go-to organization for companies looking to set up their
businesses in China or Europe.

Our Team

Maja Sun


Extensive experience in succesfull business development. She is also chief representative of TOJOY Europe. Maja has close connections with over 25 former prime ministers, as well as governmental connections in China. These ensure smooth market access of our clients,

Xiaoya Deng

Business Platform manager.

Phone: 070 4161 640

Martin Kuijper

Phone: 070 4161 654

Sangqiao Li:

Phone: 070 4161 640


Federica Ressa

070 4161 644

Alice Hurst

Phone: 070 4161 644

Social Responsibility

Our unique goal of being able to bridge together China and Europe means that we are focused on supporting the integration of Chinese people into European communities, culture and politics.

To illustrate, in 2002, we initiated an annual festival in celebration of the Chinese New Year in The Hague, promoting and celebrating Chinese culture with our Dutch community.

We also sponsor events such as Museumnacht for children in The Hague to promote
educational visits to museums around the city and supporting the town hall candidate Su Nan in her initiative to give free tickets to Chinese children.

In addition, we make effort to foster the voice of Chinese people in Europe as well as bring Chinese culture and celebration into mainstream Europe