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“Introducing in, setting up and running smoothly”


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The three stages

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our services help to deliver a well-ordered and effective introduction into the local market. We conduct diligence reports of the local market: focusing on market demand, local partners, key players players, certain laws and regulations that would affect business operations as well as rules regarding taxation and finance.



our services aid in the logistical arrangements as well as the promotion of our clients in their local market. This includes advice on, for instance, HR, legal affairs and finance. We can assist in areas such as the following:

  • Setting up of a local brand
  • The recruitment of financial legal and tax experts
  • Registration of companies at the local chamber of commerce
  • The establishment of a concrete financial system within the company
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our services focus on helping our clients’ companies to grow once their establishment in the market is settled, with a special emphasis on marketing and PR.