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On 28th-29th November 2019, CBCE supported the official inauguration of the Global Alliance of Sharing Economy (GLASE), sponsored by ToJoy Holding Group, held in Vienna.

The event welcomed 26 senior political leaders from across Europe and Latin America, as well as prominent business leaders from across China. The conference’s speeches and panel discussions reflected different countries’ views on the Sharing Economy as well as their willingness to work together to help GLASE achieve its aim: facilitating a more open, efficient and cooperative global economy.

The city of Vienna was an ideal location for the launch of this global alliance, throughout modern history the city has stood testament to some of the most important international treaties (Congress of Vienna 1812) and agreements (Vienna Convention 1969), and during GLASE’s inauguration the city also witnessed the beginning of a new phase of cooperation between the world’s economies.

GLASE is a non-governmental and non-profit economic organization comprising of senior political and business leaders from across the world.  As economies become more intertwined and globalized, the challenges that we face become intertwined too. The concept of GLASE aims to foster our sense of sharing to tackle problems and bring more prosperity to more people through the exchange of skills, investment and knowledge.  GLASE has been growing and expanding for years and thanks to the visionary innovation of Junqing Lu (Executive Chairman of GLASE) and his team, the opening ceremony celebrated its official global expansion.

“Embracing the Great Sharing Economy”!

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